Sckoon Cup

Sckoon Cup

SckoonCup engineered for functionality and unparalleled comfort, Sckoon menstrual cup keeps your period simple, clean and worry-free. Its unique suction holes mold smoothly to the wall for comfort, easy-to-clean, and leak-free assurance. Its smooth, ridge-free construction promises little to no feeling when in use. 

SckoonCup Superior Features :

No seams, a smoother rim, and no writing inside or out, for comfort and faster clean-up.  High capacity, angled suction holes, and aesthetically pleasing. A slimmer, softer stem for your comfort, with a solid design to make insert/removal and cleaning simple.

• Medical-grade silicone 
• Made in the USA. FDA cleared and registered.
• Comes with a 100% organic cotton pouch

Why SckoonCup is BEGINNER CHOICE Menstrual Cup?

  • Softest Menstrual Cup.
  • Easy to Insert and Remove.
  • Easy to pop open.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Comfortable smooth surface.
  • No seems No irritation No sensation.
  • Flexible No Poking stem bends with your body.
  • Angled to the rim suction holes for maximum capacity.
  • Durable one-piece mould design last for years.
  • No Harsh Chemicals BPA  Latex Free.
  • Made in the USA, Fda Cleared and Registered.
  • Made of FDA approved USA Medical Grade Silicone.
  • For women of all ages, even those with lower cervix.
  • Earth-friendly organic cotton carry-pouch.
  • Original Design in the USA 3 years research and development.
  • By Sckoon Organics, NYC Organic Brand since 2001.
  • Do not hold back, stay active with SckoonCup, swim, dance, bike, hike and have fun.
  • How to Choose

    Here are some basic rules when it comes to SckoonCup menstrual cup sizing.

    Most people who order SckoonCup menstrual cup size 1 will fit some to most of these guidelines:

    • Have not had a vaginal birth
    • Usually under 30ish (if not had vaginal birth)
    • First time users
    • Young people and teenagers who have not had a vaginal birth
    • People who are virgins
    • People who are fit, do yoga, Pilates, and may have strong pelvic muscles
    • If you have bladder sensitivities and need a smaller cup
    • Fits people who have both a “lower” or “high” cervix location
    • Have a medium/heavy to light flow
    • Are worried because you have a “hanging” cervix

    SckoonCup size 1 is 1.6 inches in diameter, 1.6 inches in cup length, and the stem is 1.2 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 1 can hold 23ml of fluid.

    Most people who order SckoonCup menstrual cup size 2 will fit some or most of these guidelines:

    • Had a vaginal birth
    • Over 30ish (even if you have not had a vaginal birth)
    • Plus sized individuals may benefit from a size 2
    • People who have a very heavy flow may like the size 2
    • People who need a larger cup but not a “longer” cup because of a lower sitting cervix

    SckoonCup size 2 is 1.8 inches in diameter, 2.0 inches in cup length, and the stem is 0.8 inches for a total length of 2.8 inches. SckoonCup size 2 can hold 30ml of fluid.

    By using SckoonCup you can often collect double to quadruple as much fluid than you can when using a tampon!


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